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Pam has been singing professionally since she was 17 and has a vast array of vocal styles. She was in the all original NY hard rock band “Kaos From Order” for 15 years and opened for several national acts all over NY, NJ, CT,PA, and MA, as well as multiple radio stations and television programs. She has also performed extensively with Randy Jackson of Zebra, and has performed on numerous occasions with original Lynyrd Skynyrd members Artimus Pyle and the late JoJo Billingsly in tribute bands “The Long Island Street Survivors” and “Crawdaddy.”

Pam is an experienced session singer for Blokhed Studios and has co-produced harmonic vocals, along with Grammy nominated owner/producer Tom Steigler, on many new and upcoming artists’ albums. She is a “triple threat” who sings, acts and dances, and has performed in several musical and dramatic productions in NYC and abroad. Pam is a multi-faceted artist, songwriter, lyricist and musician, fronting many bands of all genres throughout her musical career.