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Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in The Schroeder’s Ghost Band!

The band has an extensive song portfolio, and can tailor each show to the exact style of music you need.

The genres we offer are Rock/Blues/Funk…and a  little country too.

We can also give you our specialty - a mix of all the styles of music in one show.

The band supplies and owns its own PA with a Professional Sound Man, including its own light show.

There are never any performer substitutions. Who you see on the web site, or who you saw at a performance are all the original band members and will perform at your show.

Schroeder’s Ghost takes pride in the quality of performance enhanced by incredible band chemistry.

The band has fun on stage. That Excitement extends to our audience giving them an unforgettable experience!

Again … Thank you for your interest in Schroeder’s Ghost

And we hope to hear from you soon!